4impact capital invests in Coolgradient AI data center optimisation software

Den Haag – 14 May, 2024

Impact venture capital fund 4impact capital invests in AI software startup Coolgradient. The Amsterdam-based startup, founded by Jasper de Vries and René Gompel in 2023, has built the most comprehensive software solution to optimize complex cooling and power infrastructure operations in data centers.

Coolgradient makes data centers intelligent by converting existing data into actionable recommendations and improved visibility, delivering increased reliability and improved sustainability by reducing data center infrastructure energy by up to 40%. Coolgradient achieves these superior results by capturing interdependencies between all operational assets from the mechanical and electrical infrastructure in data centers rather than focusing on isolated assets. This holistic view makes Coolgradient the solution of choice for globally leading clients such as Digital Realty.

Data centers were responsible for 2% of global electricity consumption in 2022, which is expected to increase. By 2030, they are expected to use an average of 3.2% of global electricity consumption, with some countries' estimations being as high as 6% (US) or even 32% (Ireland) by 2026. As their numbers grow, their CO2 emissions and water consumption also continue to rise. However, due to the vast amounts of variables involved in data center operations and the shifting data and energy demands, data center operators currently have limited ability to find the optimal energy and water settings at any given time.

4impact capital now joins Coolgradient as a software-specialized investor to support the experienced team in scaling its business internationally. The team around Jasper de Vries and René Gompel have decades of experience in data-driven optimisations for industrial applications. Through their existing work with large clients, they have built and optimized best-in-class AI models that can work universally.

As the data center market is expected to boom over the next decades, Coolgradient is set to become a vital cog in the global computing space.

Victor Straatman, Partner of 4impact says “The unrivaled expertise of Jasper, Rene, and their team of people in Amsterdam and across the world make them the obvious choice for many of the world’s leading data center operators. The need for and benefit of their product is crystal clear. As they become a key component of operating this critical infrastructure globally, we are proud to play a part in Coolgradient’s journey of reducing 1% of all global energy used for data center cooling while delivering meaningful cost and resource savings to customers.

Jasper de Vries, Co-Founder and CPO of Coolgradient, adds, “We are thrilled to have 4impact join our mission for a more sustainable digital infrastructure. They share our passion, and this investment reflects their commitment to seizing the momentum for our product. This will enable further global expansion and increase the impact we create for our customers."

About Coolgradient 

Coolgradient, founded by Jasper de Vries and René Gompel in 2023, aims to reduce 1% of global energy consumed by cooling data centers. Their innovative solution converts every data center into an intelligent facility, covering all infrastructure from roof-to-room. The platform merges existing data with distinct AI models to simplify and optimize increasingly complex data center operations. With their approach, they have achieved remarkable results, such as up to 40% in energy and water savings, increased reliability and resilience, compliance with sustainability regulations, and improved employee productivity.

Contact: Rene Gompel, rene.gompel@coolgradient.com

About 4Impact 

4impact capital is a prominent early-stage impact investor in European digital startups. 4impact capital supports passionate founders dedicated to advancing sustainability and creating measurable change, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly in the areas of Planet and People. Currently, 4impact capital is investing from its second fund, which they anticipate to close later this year. 4impact plans to invest in around 25 companies that capitalize on the massive opportunity at the intersection of digitization and sustainability in Europe, focusing on the Benelux, DACH, and Nordics regions. 

Contact: connect@4impact.vc