4impact releases its 2023 impact report

The Hague, The Netherlands

Our fifth impact report marks our 5-year anniversary of investing in innovative digital technologies promoting sustainability and equity. Given recent global economic, social and environmental stresses, our commitment to making real world impact through tech4good has never been more relevant. 

In 2023, 4impact took big strides forwards, launching Fund 2, an SFDR Article 9 fund, and making 4 new impactful investments from the fund, as well as completing a number of follow-on investments. With a portfolio of 16 companies, our impact report outlines the depth and breadth of impact generated from our investments, capitalising on the impact methodology refinement and strengthening conducted in 2022. 

We are poised to accelerate our investing activity and continue to support urgent solutions needed to effect change. We hope you find our report enlightening and join us in fostering a sustainable future.